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About Chasing Childhood

I started Chasing Childhood in 2017, in what I would call a perfect storm. We had just moved house, away from my job. I had just had my third child, and we had an upcoming Disneyland Paris trip, and no ears to wear for it! So I got to creating! I made a few sets of ears for that trip, all too big or too heavy, but aesthetically, I was onto something. With some support from some friends over on twitter I began designing and making more sets and created an instagram account to showcase them. Within a year my shop had really taken off with over 10k followers on instagram and frequent sell out sales. 

Today we are a team of two, Karina & Katie, who work to create unique accessories that will bring a little extra magic to everyday!


What we make

We create hair accessories that are the perfect addition to any outfit, whether dressing up or down, they add the perfect amount of sparkle.

Specialising in Jewelled accessories, such as headbands, clips and ears.

Our signature "everything" style ( a mix of jewels, shapes, pearls, cabochons and general sparkle) has become a staple amongst shop releases.

Our newest additions to the collection are flexicrowns, flexible crystal headbands with just a little height giving a halo like sparkle.

Making Magic

We are lucky enough to have been a part of thousands of peoples trips, special occassions and everyday life, adding that little bit of extra magic along the way.

You can find Karina over on instagram or Tik Tok, sharing new designs, upcoming product releases and behind the scenes parts of small shop life, come say hi!

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